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Overview of the High School League season and schedule

Details about  League games, Conference Play, and Wildcard Week leading up to the State Tournament

All Are Welcome to Friday Frisbee at Champions Hall* 

*Not sponsored by Crush Ultimate or St Louis Park High School

The Shope family has reserved Champions Hall for indoor pickup Frisbee from 9:30-11:30pm for every Friday from 11/17/2023 through 3/29/2024 except for 12/29/2023. 

This pickup game, as always, is for kids and adults. Champions Hall is located at 7000 Washington Ave S, Eden Prairie, MN 55344.


To make it easy for players/parents to contribute to the cost, please choose from the price plans/payment options below. For pricing purposes, college-age people are considered children.


Price Plans (for those who can comfortably afford it):

Single Child Pay-As-You-Go Plan:  $10 per child per day

Adult/Family Pay-As-You-Go Plan:    $15 for adult or for entire family per day

Single Child Season Plan:                 $100 for Nov 17 - Mar 29

Adult/Family Season Plan:                   $150 for all family members for Nov 17 - Mar 29


Note: If we decide to continue using Champions Hall into April, we may ask for more money from people participating in those additional weeks.


Payment Options:

Venmo (to @JimShope – phone 612-382-9852)

PayPal (to

OR hand me cash at Champions Hall.


If there’s extra money at the end of the winter, we’ll put it toward next year (we’re carrying over $1190 from last year).


Each person must sign a waiver (for Champions Hall).  Kids under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign the waiver for them.  The waiver’s good for the entire season.  You can sign it when you arrive at Champions Hall.  However, if you are sending a child and won’t be accompanying them, you can fill out the attached waiver and send it with them.